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Cheaper Insurance Direct are the peoples champion, unlike other brokers and intermediaries we don’t have affiliations with any insurance providers. This means we are always acting in the best interests of our customers’ and our main focus is on meeting their individual requirements. We search year on year to find the lowest cost policy that fits customer requirements in terms of the level of the cover provided. 

Our unique trading style gives us access to a far larger number of insurance providers than anyone else. Our access to the whole insurance market means that our customers can have greater confidence in our ability to find them the most competitive rates. Our success in looking after our customers best interests and treating them fairly is borne out by the number of referrals received from satisfied customers (60% of all new enquiries). And these customer referrals are given to us without us having to offer any inducement or incentive.

Cheaper Insurance Direct provides various private and commercial insurance products. For the general public these include: car, home, travel, pet and life cover and for the commercial market: public and employer’s liability, commercial vehicle, shop, office and let property insurance. Ancillary products offered include breakdown, car hire, personal accident and legal cover.

Feedback from our clients indicate that more and more people now want to consult someone about their requirements rather than take any risk of buying online. People wish to understand fully what is being offered before committing themselves to a purchase that may not suit their needs. We offer an assured personal service that is compatible with present-day customer requirements.
The main reason customers contact us is for the purpose of conducting a market search on their behalf. When they contact us they have often already expended a lot of time and effort to obtain the best deal for themselves. We use our expertise to find a better premium while taking into account all requirements in terms of policy cover.

We can generally offer our best quote within an hour of taking a call and always include our fee (the fee is based on the amount we save our clients on their best quote) in the price offered. If you decide not to purchase a policy from us there is no charge as all our quotes are completely free. Our success rates are far higher than the industry standard with at least half of all enquiries progressing to sale.

Alex Couper is the managing director of the company and oversees the sales, growth, and development of the business. He established the business in December 2001 with the objective of finding customers the lowest rates available on the market. A 50% conversion rate, on both car and home insurance, compared to the industry standard of 10% is sound evidence this goal has been achieved.

How our fee is calculated


Our Personal Insurance Comparison Service is completely free.

We only charge a fee when the customer instructs us to proceed to the sale.

What fee would we then charge? Typically we would charge a fee of one third of your saving.

Take this scenario as an example of what you would pay us:
Your existing insurer quotes you £500 at renewal. Cheaper Insurance Direct finds you similar cover at £320. The saving in this example is £180 of which we would typically charge one third (£60).We would therefore quote you a total of £380 (£320 policy plus £60 fee) which represents a saving to you of £120 against your renewal.   We quote you £380 total (including fee) to ensure there are no hidden extras or surprises.
We would make it clear that the £380 total cost includes a £60 fee for Cheaper Insurance Direct.