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Motorbike Insurance Explained

Motorbike insurance

The cost of motorbike insurance depends on a number of details about your motorbike and you. A bike with a powerful engine will generally command a higher premium. Nevertheless, your motorbike insurance quote doesn’t need to be expensive as there are other factors that could bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

You could lower your motorbike insurance quote by keeping it in a secure garage or locked up when it’s not being used. Also, being accurate with your mileage could help to reduce your premium.

You’ll also be rewarded for riding safely; a clean licence and a good riding record could reduce what you pay now and in the future.

What kind of motorbike insurance do I need?

The type of motorbike insurance you need depends on the level of cover you want. We offer three levels of insurance:

Third-Party Only

The most basic (and usually cheapest) level of motorbike insurance is third party only which, as you would expect, provides the most limited but essential cover. If you are involved in an accident and another person is injured or their vehicle or property is damaged, then your insurer will be liable for the costs incurred to compensate for their losses.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The next level of cover up is third party fire and theft, which takes the basic cover of third party only and includes an extra layer of cover should your motorbike be stolen; or if it is damaged while being attempted to be stolen or catches fire.

Fully Comprehensive

The most extensive type of cover; fully comprehensive motorbike insurance provides peace of mind for almost every eventuality. The major difference to third-party cover is that you can claim for damages or losses to your own vehicle as well as others, regardless of whether it’s your fault or not.

How much will my motorbike insurance cost?

The cost of motorbike insurance can vary due to several factors. When calculating the cost of your quote the insurer will consider the risk of insuring you as a rider, looking at how likely you are to claim and how expensive it would be to pay out if you did make a claim. They also consider your riding history and the size and capacity of your bike, as well as your age and where you live, among other factors.


Scooter and mopeds

In the current economic climate, scooters and mopeds are becoming even more popular. In fact, these two categories make up almost half of the UK’s riding population! Their reliable qualities and low running costs mean we can find you a great quote that is suited to these smaller capacity bikes.


Sports and superbikes

At the other end of the spectrum, Superbike riders also remain a sizeable proportion of the UK’s biking population with a huge love for race replica machines. Because of the high performance of these bikes, premiums for this category can sometimes be more expensive.



For those who enjoy long-distance riding and choose comfort over aerodynamics, our insurance will be right up your street. If you’ve invested your time and money into one of these amazing cruisers, you’ll want to make sure you have a quality insurance policy to match.


Classic bikes

If you are a true classic bike enthusiast and own a dream bike from a classic era, we have good news for you. We can provide insurance for classic bikes, which covers a large number of vintage biking brands, as well as modern classics, such as the Ducati 916 and Honda-SP1.


Multi bike policies

We can cover up to four bikes on one multi-Bike policy – ideal for those who like to vary their biking by keeping a selection of machines in their garage. If you have more than four bikes to insure, give our advisors a call and they will see if we can accommodate your needs.

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