Our Story

Our story began in 2001. Our founder, Alex Couper, was tired of wasting too much time and money on insurance renewals. He knew there must be a better way.

So Alex decided to reinvent the insurance renewal process to make it simpler, faster, cheaper and fairer: and that’s how Cheaper Insurance Direct was born. We call ourselves The People’s Champions, because that’s exactly what we are: we’re on your side, saving you time and money on every insurance renewal.

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Let’s be honest: you don’t look forward to your annual insurance renewal.

Nor did our founder, Alex Couper. For him, insurance felt like a lose-lose situation: either, he would accept an inflated quote from his current insurer. Or, he would devote hours of his time searching for a better offer, struggling to compare like-with-like and ending up on the mailing list of every insurance provider going.

Only to do it all over again next year.

“If only”, Alex said to himself. “If only I could speak to someone who could make this easy for me.

“Someone who has no hidden interest in trying to sell me one policy over another.

“Someone who really understands all the small print, who could tell me which is really the best deal – without wasting hours of my time on every renewal.

“Someone who could help me pick a policy that I can trust: a policy that will pay out if I ever need it to.”

Alex couldn’t find anyone to fit the bill. So in 2001, he decided to become that person.

The People’s Champion in the Fight for Cheaper Insurance

Alex founded Cheaper Insurance Direct to shake up the world of insurance by providing a fair, hassle-free alternative to the headache of the usual renewal process.

We work for you; not for your insurer. Our mission is to save you as much time and money as we can on every insurance renewal, every time.

For over 21 years, we’ve helped over 45,000 people save money on insurance policies. 2 out of 3 (66%) who ask us for a quote for car or home insurance buy a policy from us. This is far better than the industry average which is less than 1 in 10 (9%).

We started out as car insurance specialists. Over the years, we’ve expanded our horizons, bringing our revolutionary approach to every kind of insurance requirement: van insurance, house insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, business insurance and more.

Our business has grown, but we’ve never lost sight of our single purpose: to save you as much as possible on your insurance, so that you can spend your precious time and money on the people and things you really care about.

We’ve got your insurance needs covered