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Why should I take out pet insurance?

Most of us treat pets as more than companion animals. We let them live in our own homes, sleep in our own beds, we even celebrate their birthdays and include them in our weddings. Pets have become valuable and irreplaceable members of our family. That’s why when they get sick, we do anything to make sure they’re cared for properly. This brings us to the question: Is pet insurance worth it? What are the benefits of having it?

Pet insurance reimburses more than 80% of vet bills. In view of this, here are a few reasons why getting pet insurance is a wise choice:

It gives peace of mind

Just like any other kind of insurance, pet insurance gives owners peace of mind by preparing them for any unfortunate event that may befall their pet like sickness or accidents. It also allows them to choose the best medical treatment available so they never worry about their beloved companion.

It helps you save

If you have pet insurance, you can refrain from using your family’s emergency fund or your savings. This could save you thousands of pounds of unexpected costs if your pet gets severely injured and may need surgery. Aside from injuries, pet insurance lso covers various illnesses such as cancer, upset stomach, and diabetes.

Veterinary costs are rising

Today the average vet bills can get as high as around £500 to £3000 depending on your pet’s illness. While vets claim this inflation is a result of development in drugs and medical technologies, many pet owners can’t afford this price. Because of this many pets die of sickness or are not given proper medical care. Pet insurance gives you financial solutions from these pricey vet bills and helps you take good care of your beloved pet.

It can cover your pet’s hereditary condition

A lot of pets suffer from serious health problems and congenital conditions during their lifetime. Some of these conditions are inherited or are caused by severe inbreeding. Experts recommend getting pet insurance as early as possible. Many pet insurance providers include age limits or restrictions that may require you to pay an extra fee.

It can help you find your missing/stolen pet

Many pet insurance policies cover the cost of advertising for your missing pet. They also take the responsibility of placing a reward for returning your lost or stolen pet. Today, there are many pet trackers/chips that can also be used to track your pet’s location which is handy if your pet goes missing or is stolen.

It can cover third-party liabilities

Got a hyperactive husky that likes to run around and destroy other people’s fences? Or a dog that’s not too friendly with strangers? Many pet-insured policies cover third-party liabilities that will help you refund expenses if your dog ever damages someone’s property or injures someone accidentally. This will help you cover the cost of expensive property damages e.g. your dog broke an antique vase or knocked someone over accidentally while chasing squirrels, you never know and it’s always good to be prepared.

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